Counseling Services

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Comprehensive School Counseling Services


How are students referred to the counselor?

Students access school counseling services through self, parent, teacher, staff, or administrative referrals.

Why would my child see you?

Students may be referred to the school counselor if there are concerns or barriers to their success. Examples of concerns may include behavioral difficulties, emotional management difficulties, social/emotional concerns, conflict with peers, or attendance concerns.

How should parents contact the counselor?

Parents may contact the school counselor at any time regarding their child. We can discuss your concerns over the phone/email or we can schedule a meeting. (School Counselor can be contacted at [email protected] or 610-746-4436)

How are students referred for outside services?

School counselors help children during their school day and provide brief counseling services for issues that might impact their school day. Sometimes it is more appropriate for students to receive professional therapeutic support. If you decide outside counseling is right for your student/family, the counselor can provide information regarding local counseling agencies.

Do you have any outside counseling services available within the school?
We currently have the St. Luke's YESS! Program that is available within our school to provide counseling services. We also have a Valley Youth House School Based Counselor who provides counseling services one day per week. In addition to this, we currently have two Mental Health Workers from the CIU20 who provide individual and group counseling services. If you are interested in more information, please contact Ms. Zaimova.

My child receives outside counseling or behavioral health services. What is the school counselor’s role?

The school counselor can collaborate with the outside service providers if needed. Parents must complete and return a consent form to allow communication between the two parties. To obtain a form, please e-mail the school counselor.

What are the parameters around confidentiality?

Please refer to the ASCA Position Statement on Confidentiality to understand confidentiality between school counselors and their students.