SAP Program

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What is SAP

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) describes the Student Assistance Program (SAP) as the process of mobilizing school resources to help remove barriers that interfere with learning and student success. Check out more about PDE's description here.

The Center for Humanistic Change also provides additional information about SAP.

SAP Referral


There are many warning signs that may warrant a SAP referral. Examples could include:

  • Changes in behavior or mood (easily upset, sad, unpredictable, fighting, secretive, angry)
  • Drop in grades or school performance (incomplete homework/class work, skipping school)
  • Change in friends, appearance, interests 
  • Physical symptoms of health problems (headaches, weight loss/gain, changing sleep patterns, fatigue)
  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or marks
  • Negative behaviors (defiance, avoidance, aggression, stealing, etc.)
  • Expressing hopelessness or worthlessness
  • Expressing a desire to punish or gain revenge by harming others 
  • Personal stressors with family (relocation, job loss, birth, death, etc.

Please click here to access the SAP Referral Link. Anyone can make a referral!


SAP Team Members

Miss. Zeynepa Zaimova, School Counselor

Mrs. Heather Lilly, School Principal 

Mrs. Heather Thomas, First Grade Teacher

*All of our SAP members are trained and certified by the state of Pennsylvania.*